Wednesday, April 15, 2009

East Clear Creek 03-09

My buddy Antonio and I "hiked" down the canyon to the stream... I say "hiked" because it was more of a controlled fall down that steep rockface. However, once down there we did not see a soul around which is great for a Saturday! It was a little slow at first so we built a fire to stay warm until the sun was high and the bite turned on! When it did, it was great! This beauty was a tag team event...Antonio spotted this beauty from above and helped me execute the cast. He saw the take and I felt it! The brown fought hard and strained my three weight but I pulled harder :) We continued another mile or so downstream with multiple fish and even foud a bubbling spring! Beautiful day all in all. I would tell you about the hike out but it would just piss me off so I'll leave that part out. We got up top, reflected on the day and drove home.

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