Tuesday, May 19, 2009

WHOAAAAAA!!!! Such a highly anticipated trip and I could not be more pleased! So I'm in Montana on business and talking to some local guys I work with about where to fish and naturally the Bighorn comes up in conversation. So Im getting tips on where what when and how when Im told that I can accompany one of the guys on a float! (needless to say I accepted....) I already landed a sixteen inch brown two minutes into the float with several more the following half hour. We stopped at a few islands and really worked some runs where I lost too many fish including a 25 inch bow... :( It happens. But I landed plenty others really was greatful for the opportunity... My guide (not paid so he fished also) schooled me line none other easily landing twice as many fish but I suppose thirty years of fishing that river will do it. He was an awesome guy and I enjoyed the day with him and we even had a few doubles so that was cool too! Montana is amazing and I cant wait to go back. Tight Lines.....

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Canyon Creek

Had a lovely day up on the Catch and Release section of Canyon recently... The sun was shining and the bite was on. We headed up around five and were fishing by seven, and Antonio caught the first fish about five minutes into it and it was a big fat BOW! We ran into an AZGFD employee and he told us they haven't stocked bows in the C&R section for three years! We did get into some browns too as you can see and I even got a nice bow a little farther upstream. We started off with a little deep nymphing which was really productive because it was pretty cold out and because Antonio suggested it... (I guess even a blind squirrel finds an acorn every now and then) Later that day it got up to about 75 and it turned into a GREAAAAT dry fly day. All in all another fabulous day on an Arizona stream.